Louis Vuitton Resort 2022: A Jetson Dream Come True

Photo credit: @louisvuitton / Instagram

Louis Vuitton’s resort collections usually takes clients and press to magnificent destinations, where they present magnificent clothes. But, due to the pandemic, the brand needed to adapt. For his second remote cruise presentation, creative director Nicholas Ghesquière chose Axe Majeur to be the backdrop for a short film showcasing the collection.

Before we talk about the clothes, we need to admire the location

Axe Majeur is a sculpture park conceived by Israeli artist Dani Karavan, known for creating pieces that merge with the environment. Located in Cergy, France, the construction is 3.2km long and extends from the town center to an island feature in the river Oise. The giant and beautiful construction seems to belong in an optimistic sci-fi movie, and it matches beautifully with the collection.

What inspired Nicholas Ghesquière

Ghesquière has been inspired by sci-fi and outer space his whole career, and this season wasn’t different. He was thinking about the possibility of space tourism, but also in the optimism, excitement and joy of seeing the world finally start to reopen after a year and a half of lockdowns and social distancing.

Photo credit: @louisvuitton / Instagram

Photo credit: @louisvuitton / Instagram

The final result is so beautiful it is hard to tell which world it belongs in

It is almost impossible to talk about futuristic fashion without mentioning André Courrèges, who created the most iconic Space Age designs during the 1960s. Louis Vuitton’s creative director nodded to the iconic vinyl creations of Courrèges without making it too obvious and giving his own twist to the style.

The idea of space travel appeared mainly in prints that featured a basketball court, an escalator, and other earth things in the middle of landscapes of other worlds. The chic but practical aspect of the pieces also evoked the idea of tourism. Flat shoes, easy to carry handbags, and hero pieces are exactly what people search to travel with style.

But what really catches the attention in Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2022 collection is the way they played with colors and shapes. Parachute pleats, bell sleeves, slightly oversized tailoring paired with bold blues, greens and reds. It seems like something the Jetsons would wear if they were designed in 2021, and also matches perfectly with the backdrop for the presentation.

Photo credit: @louisvuitton / Instagram


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