Chanel Fall 2021 Couture: 19th Century Style, 21st Century Design

Photo Credit: @chanelofficial / Instagram

mpressionism, cubism and crinolines. For the Chanel Fall 2021 Couture collection, Virginie Viard was inspired by powerful women: Berthe Morisot and Marie Laurencin. Besides the painters, the creative director was also influenced by the founder of the maison. More specifically by a photo of Coco Chanel wearing a 19th century costume during a ball.

The result were pieces inspired by pre-WWII Chanel designs, but that still fits Viard easy to wear style. There were also pieces that references the undergarments of the 1860s and 1910s. It is also worth paying attention to the details, like the patterns that resembles the brush strokes from impressionistic paintings.

Photo Credit: @chanelofficial / Instagram


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