The Best Dressed From the 2022 MET Gala

The MET Gala is back to its traditional schedule: it happens every first Monday in May. This year the costume institute exhibition is called In America: An Anthology of Fashion, and it continues the exploration of American fashion. It is kind of a part two for last year’s exhibit.

This year the gala was hosted by Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Regina King and Lin-Manuel Miranda, alongside the honorary co-chairs Anna Wintour, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri and Tom Ford. The dress code was “Gilded Glamour”, and there were two ways this theme could be interpreted: gilded (gold) clothes, or the fashion from the United States’ “Gilded Age”, which took place between the 1870s to 1900s.

If you want to learn more about the fashion from “The Gilded Age”, Luke Meagher, from HauteLeMode, made an incredible video about it. ModernGurlz also did a brilliant video explaining the fashion of that time period, and the problem that happened on the MET Gala this year.

The most interesting way to interpret the theme is from the perspective of “The Gilded Age”. However, as in every MET Gala, the result was one of the three: a beautiful look that follows the theme, a cute outfit, or a botched attire.

Today we will be discussing the best of the first two categories, in feminine fashion. And in alphabetical order. We will also not be judging the outfits based on how well they fit the theme, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to enjoy most of them.

If you prefer watching a video, you’re in luck.

Billie Eilish in Gucci

Billie Eilish wore a custom Gucci dress, made from upcycled or deadstock fabric. During the Vogue red carpet livestream, Billie said she wanted this outfit to be as eco-friendly as possible. This was also the look that best interpreted the theme. It had an allusion to the classic bustle from the gilded age, it had the corset, it had the perfect neckline with a little flower to hide the cleavage, it had the silhouette of that era. And it still was modern and beautiful.

However, in terms of aesthetic, this is not my favorite look. The black spiky hair was a bit distracting. And I’m not the biggest fan of skin-tight lace and fingerless glove sleeves. But this is 100% my personal taste.

Photo credit: @billieeilish / Instagram

Blake Lively in Versace

Blake Lively was heavily inspired by New York. She arrived at the MET in a copper dress, and midway in the red carpet it was revealed a teal train. This was meant to symbolize the process of patina, which is when a thin green layer is formed over copper and bronze due to oxidation. The Statue of Liberty went through this process, she is made of copper and through the years she developed a patina. The beloved statue also inspired Blake’s crown, which has seven spikes, and the draping on the dress. The bodice of her gown features the same geometrical patterns that are on the Empire State Building, while the train is embroidered with the same constellations that are painted on the ceiling of the Grand Central Station.

This outfit is impeccable, and it was one of my favorites from the gala.

Carey Mulligan in Schiaparelli Haute Couture

Carey Mulligan wore a custom Schiaparelli couture dress that featured nearly 79,000 sequins. This is a beautiful and timeless dress, I love the contrast of the black with the gold, and how the gold train forms kind of a bustle.

Chloe Bailey in Area Couture

Chole Bailey wore an Area couture dress that re-worked the shape of the 1870s. It was a very structured dress, just like the corsets and the crinolines of that era. But the protuberance of the bustle was to the side instead than on the back.

Emma Chamberlain in Louis Vuitton

Emma Chamberlain wore a custom Louis Vuitton ensemble that featured a crop top and a long white skirt. The crop top had a ruffled chest and puffy sleeves that served as a nod to the gala’s theme. But the most interesting part of this outfit is her Cartier tiara, which is from 1911 and is made of platinum and diamonds.

I personally love this look. It’s young and interesting, and I think the mixture of the cream with the white is beautiful.

Gemma Chan in Louis Vuitton

Gemma Chan wore Louis Vuitton, and what made her outfit interesting was the large bustle to the side. This outfit is a nice mixture of the futuristic pieces Louis Vuitton usually creates, and a classic 1800s detail.

Gigi Hadid in Versace

This is my favorite outfit from the MET Gala. Gigi Hadid wore a custom Versace outfit that consisted of a latex catsuit with matching boots, a silk corset and a matching giant puffer coat. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit. Red is my favorite color, more specifically this shade of red is my favorite color. I also love futuristic design, and a beautiful red lipstick. So, this outfit for me is PERFECT. I also love the contrast between Gigi’s very pale skin and platinated hair with the shade of her clothes.

Hailey Bieber in Yves Saint Laurent

Hailey Bieber wore a white Yves Saint Laurent dress that was inspired by Jerry Hall. It doesn’t fit the theme at all, but it is still cute.

Kaia Gerber in Alexander McQueen

Kaia Gerber wore a custom Alexander McQueen dress in a champagne color. Again, the dress doesn’t fit theme, but it is cute.

Kendall Jenner in Prada

Kendall Jenner wore a custom Prada ensemble that consisted of a sheer crop top and a giant ruffled skirt. Her skirt looks like an old school ball gown, and it is a showstopper.

Lizzo in Thom Browne

Lizzo wore a custom Thom Browne look that consisted of a corset dress and a giant black and gold coat. The coat is my favorite part of this outfit, I think the embroidery is magnificent and it fits her incredibly. Also, love how she accessorized her outfit with a flute.

Maude Apatow in Miu Miu

Maude Apatow wore a Miu Miu dress. The gown had fringes, and it was made of a sheer fabric except for the bustier. The jewels and the hair were beautiful, but this ensemble would have been more appreciated in another red carpet.

Nicola Coughlan in Richard Quinn

Nicola Coughlan wore a custom Richard Quinn dress. Alongside Billie Eilish, Nicola was the guest whose outfit best fitted the theme. And what a magnificent outfit. It had the bustle, it had the very puffy shoulders, it had an embroidery that resembles how very rich women from the gilded age used to cover themselves in jewels to showcase wealth. This outfit is also very modern, with those incredible feathers poking out of the dress. The color combination of the light pink with the black is also very beautiful.


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