The Best Dressed of the 80th Edition of the Golden Globes

The 80th edition of the Golden Globes happened on Monday, January 10, kicking off the 2023 award season. Last year the award show wasn’t televised due to criticism for its lack of diversity. But after some adjustments by the Hollywood Foreign Press, the transmissions and celebrities are back to celebrate some of the best movies and tv shows of last year.

The red-carpet fashion was… interesting. There were a lot of celebs wearing a brand that shall not be named (babes, there are better options in the market. And are you sure you want to be affiliated with their actions?), and honestly some of the looks were good, but we won’t be talking about them. In terms of trends, for the women there were different shades of purple (my least favorite/ most hated color alongside orange), what I believe people wear to prom (I’m not from the US, this concept is based on what I see in movies), opera gloves (are you tired of them? Because I certainly am!), ruffles and the gothic renaissance. For the men, apparently bad tailoring was a must-have (it is so ringarde to hem your pants [read in Pierre Cadeau’s voice]), alongside with mesh tops. 

You won’t see all these fabulous trends in this post because we will be talking only about what I consider to be the best outfits of the night. And my personal style and general taste in fashion is more classic, timeless but with the occasional weird and irreverent takes to it. I’m also a sucker for impeccable tailoring, so the men in this list will be few.

Let’s get started, shall we.

Ana de Armas wearing custom Louis Vuitton dress and jewelry

When I first saw her dress, I immediately pictured a priest’s chasuble. More specifically, the line that runs down the center of the chasuble. And I clearly don’t say this as if it is a bad thing.

I like the beaded column that runs on the center of her dress. The pattern is really nice, and I would love to know of what it is made of. The black that comes on the side is really nice, it makes the outfit more classy and less busy. I also love the styling. It was the right choice to use only one bracelet (which is also Louis Vuitton High Jewelry), if they added anything more, there would be an excess of information and the outfit would have become an eyesore. 

The same logic works for the hair and makeup. They are both really well done, the straight hair down makes this look more youthful, and overall, it doesn’t pull attention out of the column of the dress. 

Photo Credit: @ana_d_armas / Instagram

Andrew Garfield wearing Zegna

Andrew Garfield wore a terracotta suit with a black pussy-bow adjacent shirt and velvet shoes. I love the elongated lapel on the suit and the fact he wore a pussy-bow adjacent shirt instead of a tie. 

But what first caught my attention was the color of the suit. I’m bit biased because I actually own a blazer in the same shade, and actually have been regularly wearing a nail polish in this hue since high school. 

By the way, Zegna makes incredible menswear. More celebs should wear it. They can afford it.

Photo Credit: @warrenalfiebaker / Instagram

Anya Taylor-Joy wearing Dior top and skirt, Tiffany & Co jewelry

Is this Anya’s best look? No, but this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. She wore a bandeau top with a long wrap column skirt in a Sicilian lemon shade. I like the styling, with the neutral makeup and jewelry choice. The garment is very simple, so it was a good choice to match it with metallic (is it brushed gold?) nail polish, three rings, matching bracelets in each arm, the necklace (which I think is incredible!) and the earrings. 

Photo Credit: @anyataylorjoy / Instagram

Bailey Bass wearing Dior

Bailey Bass wore a gold brocade empire waist dress. This look reminded me of Bridgerton. 

I think this is a great first Golden Globes look. It is not boring, but also not super trendy and something you will probably not regret wearing in ten years. 

Photo Credit: @baileybass / Instagram

Britt Lower wearing Bach Mai

I love this dress. For me this outfit was one of the top 3 of the night. The black velvet and satin bodice is so elegant. I’m not a fan of drop waist, but in this dress it works. The pink skirt is such a beautiful shade, it creates a nice contrast with the black, and it seems to be really well constructed.

If I make a vision board this year, I will be adding a photo of this dress to it. It is just so mouthwatering stunning. 

If I was to be picky about this outfit, though, I would change the hairstyle for something sleeker, the earrings for something bigger, and removed the opera gloves (I’m just tired of them) or changed for velvet ones. But I just love this dress so much that I will be overlooking the styling.

Photo Credit: @brittle / Instagram

Chloe Flower wearing Stéphane Rolland

Photo Credit: @misschloeflower / Instagram

Chloe Flower wore a white Stéphane Rolland dress with a big voluminous train. This outfit actually reminded me of the lovechild of a cloud and toilet paper. And I love it. And even though I’m tired of them, I think the opera gloves helps tie this outfit together.

Hannah Einbinder wearing Carolina Herrera dress, Tiffany & Co jewelry

This is another Top 5 favorite looks of the night. Hannah Einbinder wore a black and white midi Carolina Herrera dress, and Wes Gordon has outdone himself. The dress is classic and timeless, yet interesting and far from boring. It fits her like a glove, the proportions are perfect, and it has pockets!!! The white fabric on the bust is actually quite a fun detail.

The styling is also magnificent. The hairstyle plays with the old Hollywood vibe of the dress, while the jewelry (a diamond riviere necklace, double bracelet, and short earrings) not only modernized but also added some interest in the outfit. The black pointed toe scarpins helped elongate her figure.

Photo Credit: @hannnaheinbinder / Instagram

Jenna Ortega wearing Gucci dress, Tiffany & Co jewelry

At first I didn’t like this outfit, but it grew on me. I think this is a great way for Jenna Ortega to move on from the Wednesday neo-gothic style she has been wearing to promote the tv show. The silhouette actually reminded me a bit of Morticia Addams, but the color is far from it, and it is really flattering on her. The draping ads movement and lightness to the piece, it is beautiful to look at her moving in it. 

I loved the jewelry choice. The multiple necklaces and rings gave a more youthful and rebellious spirit to this outfit.

Photo Credit: @jennaortega / Instagram

Jessica Chastain wearing Oscar de la Renta dress, Gucci jewelry

Jessica Chastain wore a beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown, with spider web style embroidery on it, the nude lining making it seem like it is sitting directly on her skin. She paired it with neutral makeup, a sleek bun an only two rings on her right hand.

Photo Credit: @elizabethstewart1 / Instagram

Julia Garner wearing Gucci

Julia Garner wore a light pink Gucci dress with silver rivieres running down the bodice and skirt through the draping, and a lettuce hem. This is another one of my top 5 outfits of the night. 

The color looks good on her pale skin, the silver rivieres, and the stitching underneath the breast cups are a nice detail, and the lettuce hem ads the right amount of irreverence to the dress. The graphic hairstyle helps this outfit avoid being too sweet, while the simple design of the necklace helps tie everything together.

Photo Credit: @juliagarnerofficial / Instagram

Laverne Cox wearing vintage John Galliano dress

Laverne Cox wore a vintage blue-ish/ purple-ish Johh Galliano dress with golden embroideries. Both the color and shape of the dress are really flattering on her.

Photo Credit: @christinajpacelli / Instagram

Margot Robbie wearing Chanel

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I like this look. I enjoy the chevron pattern, and the triangular recurrences on the design. I think the color also looks sweet on her.

Photo Credit: @kateyoung / Instagram

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez wearing Balmain

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez wore a deep purple Balmain dress in the shape of a bow. While the color is very flattering on her, I’m not a big fan of it. I’m more curious about how the dress was constructed.

Photo Credit: @mjrodriguez7 / Instagram

Rhea Seehorn wearing Naem Khan

Rhea Seehorn wore a black sheer shimmering Naeem Khan dress with big red and pink flower embroidery. The dress was flattering on her, and the shimmer looked good on the red carpet. I would change the clutch for something rounder and red. It was very cohesive to have her lipstick match the floral embroidery.

Photo Credit: @highheelprncess / Instagram


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