Best Dressed From the 2023 Grammy Awards

The 2023 Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, February 5. The award ceremony is considered to be one of the biggest nights of the music industry, celebrating some of the best audio work from the previous years.

What makes the red carpet from the Grammy different from those of other ceremonies during the award season is how much “fun” celebrities have with fashion. This can lead to memorable looks, or to the disaster that was this installment. Just like in the previous red carpets this year, there were a variety of opera gloves, goth core renaissance, and prom-esque looks. The difference was that these trends either appeared in boring pieces or suffered with atrocious styling.

Still, there were some beautiful outfits circulating that night. Here are the ones I considered to be the best, in alphabetical order, of course.

Anitta wearing Versace

Anitta wore a black strapless Versace mermaid dress, with cutouts in the leather bodice that were covered by some kind of lace, mesh or knit, I’m not exactly sure. The garment features a big, ruffled train. It had very simple styling and it fitted her perfectly, which I believe lets the dress shine without having a boring outfit.

Beyoncé wearing Balmain

Beyoncé wore a pale pink velvet Balmain dress with a golden detail along the cleavage to take photos with some of her Grammys. She paired it with a gold hat, and opera gloves and thigh high boots in the same fabric as her dress. While I think the garment is a beautiful piece on its own, I’m not a fan of the outfit as a whole. It would have looked better if it showed more skin by removing the boots.

Beyoncé wearing Gucci

Beyoncé later changed into a nude and silver Gucci dress. While the fit in the garment is impeccable, I believe this outfit would have looked even better without the gloves.

Cardi B wearing Gaurav Gupta

Cardi B wore what I consider to be the best outfit of the night. Her dress had a beautiful draping that started on the hips area and went up into the bodice, which had the shape of an S that wrapped around her head, working as a sculptural hood that covered half her face. Both the color and the fluid silhouette of the dress are very flattering on her.

Doja Cat wearing Versace

Doja Cat wore an al black vinyl/latex look with matching opera gloves by Versace. It’s a beautiful look, and it fits her impeccably. 

Harry Styles wearing Egonlab x Swarovski

Harry Styles wore an Egonlab x Swarovski custom jumpsuit in a multicolored diamond pattern. It basically looked like a clown’s formal attire, and I actually like it. It’s fun.

Kacey Musgraves wearing Valentino

Kacey Musgraves wore a light pink Valentino outfit that featured a skintight catsuit and a long-feathered cape over it. I like how they styled it, but the true showstopper is that cape. I want to snuggle with it.

Taylor Swift wearing Roberto Cavalli

Taylor Swift wore a custom embroidered midnight blue long-sleeved turtleneck crop top with a matching long skirt that resembled a sky full of stars at night by Roberto Cavalli and big diamond shaped earrings. While I adore this outfit for a variety of reasons, as a swiftie, I can’t help but overanalyze the meaning behind it. 

The earring is purple, which is the color of Speak Now. So, is she alluding that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is coming soon? Buuut… the crop top and skirt combo are an iconic 1989 era look. Except they are in a darker color, sooo Reputation maybe? I am a Reputation girlie, so I wouldn’t say no for its Taylor’s Version. 

Even though I am very excited for more re-recordings, I also need to think about her amazing new album Midnights. The dress is in midnight blue and does resemble a starry night. So, is Midnight Rain the next video she will be releasing? I don’t have any conclusive answer to any of these theories, but the over 260 Taylor Swift songs I currently have saved (besides the ones on playlists) makes me overanalyze every single thing she wears. Thank you for reading my TED Talk.


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